Friday, March 02, 2007

To make up for not posting all week, this edition of Frideo is quite special. The full-length video below is almost certainly the greatest thing ever put on VHS. I am, of course, referring to "Mr. T's Be Somebody...Or Be Somebody's Fool".

Mr. T is an interesting man. He has no talent to speak of. Despite having some screen presence, he certainly can't act. He can't rap. He can't dance. As you'll see from this video, he can barely speak coherently. And yet, there's something lovable about him. His (emphasis on) simple sincerity is hard to criticize.

"Mr. T's Be Somebody...Or Be Somebody's Fool", shot in 1984, is motivational video for kids. Split into about a dozen different lessons it includes all the wisdom a child might need to "be somebody". There are stories, skits, a few rap singles (written by Ice-T!), there's breakdancing, gags... a veritable cornucopia of delights! With lines like "Hey, you! You with the teeth!", and "Have you ever been embarrassed, ashamed, or exposed? I mean, done something so absoludicrous that you wished you could have moved to a deserted island?", you won't want to miss a minute. My personal favorite lessons are "Roots", "Recouping", "Friendship", "Mr. T's Tale",...let's face it, it's all pure gold. Enjoy!


John den Boer said...

Radical! Totally Outrageous!

I didn't have time for the whole thing, but it certainly offered me some laughs.

PietHarsevoort said...

It's all pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you with the teeth....pure, pure, delightful gold.

Too bad they couldn't get the rest of the A-Team together, that would have been even better!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I can hardly wait until those fashions come back in style. I really want to wear mismatched socks, and those alligator shirts were the best!!

PietHarsevoort said...

Stu: I think you'll have to be the trendsetter if you want a revival of Mr. T's fashion sense. Next time I see you I expect you to be wearing bib overalls, mismatched socks and at half ton of gold jewelry. But don't forget to table the label!

Anonymous said...

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