Friday, May 11, 2007

Frideo. Here's another performance video of an incredibly talented musician, this time Ed Alleyne-Johnson on his personally-designed and built electric violin. The circumstances surrounding the recording of this video are as follows, from the YouTube description:

Fantastic - This is perhaps the best street performance I have ever witnessed....This is in the city of Chester near Wales. Chester has perhaps the only double decker shopping plaza streets, with a second level up off the street within the buildings, balconies running all the way down the streets....The sound is unaltered from the original and was emancipated at great volume in this old town.

The music is fantastic, with a very unique sound. The setting is inspiring (and acoustically perfect it seems). I wish I had been there!


John den Boer said...

Wow, very cool. I wish I had been there too. Amazing how many people walk by. I like how the music seems to affect the children.

Katrina said...

Very cool. Crazy expensive equipment to have on the street, eh? I'm impressed!

mike h said...

Nice piet,that is really quite something. What amazing talent!!